Táňa Pauhofová for AKAT studio

We are gladly introducing our great client, beautiful and inspirational Slovak actress and artist Táňa Pauhofová,
who found us sitting in Viecha at Nedbalova street, while enjoying a summer evening with a glass of wine. 
Shortly, she discovered that AKAT studio totally fits her style and we bonded
over fashion and visual beauty of great materials and Scandinavian cuts. 
Since then we welcome Táňa every time with great excitement and get inspired by
her beautiful charisma, humble nature and incredible outfit combinations. 
We are very thankful for this beautiful collaboration, which we created rather spontaneously,
with one of the most talented women we admire, in style Táňa feels authentic and comfortable. 

We are thankful also to a wonderful photographer Nikolas Tichý who we got to know last year
as one of the best hairstylists in Slovakia. We admire his multi talent and ability to portrait
woman's beauty in a very modern, effortless and elevated way. We adore Nikolas
and the exhibition of his pictures we created together with the entire team. Special thanks to a wonderful make-up artist and our dear friend Barbora Yurkovic. Also, thanks to our favourite Jewellery Concept Store Diagram for borrowing some of your beautiful pieces to compliment our looks. 
You are welcome to see the exhibition of these and many more pictures in
our AKAT studio Showroom on Nedbalova street until the end of January 2022.