Ahlvar Gallery updates the iconic silk blouse for the urban woman since 2013. A blouse you can wear day and night for a lifetime. This is what they call sustainability and as far from mass production as you could come.
Ahlvar produces in one of China’s best known silk factory that also produces pieces for high-end fashion brands like Alexander McQueen, Phillip Lim, Diane Von Furstenberg and Alexander Wang. To be able to make pieces with high quality and impeccable finish they are working with the most professional workers in the industry and the production happens in a factory with only well-paid workers who have long experience from silk production.

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Beautiful, timeless, cool and of high quality.
All ATP Atelier items are designed in Stockholm and produced in Italy.
They work with what Italians call laboratori, small factories with up to 20 employees, based in Tuscany. ATP's ambition is to protect the Italian artisanal tradition of hand made leather goods, that has been handed down for generations, to not promote mass production.
And if it ain't broke, do. Not. Fix. It. 

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Design first. The team’s number one goal is to make a great product that wins people over. Only in the next step, they’re set on making this product as sustainable as possible, but without compromising on quality.
By designing quality, every-day-favorite pieces with cuts and colors that are more than just the fad of the season, Embassy coats are engineered to have an extended life-span, making them slow-fashion by definition.

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Quote from www.halofromnorth.com:

Hálo was launched in May 2017 by two friends and fashion professionals Marta Valtovirta and Jukka Puljujärvi. Inspired by the wilderness of Lapland, the diversity and phenomena of the Arctic light, hálo was born in the need of high quality, timeless yet unique clothing.

Hálo shares eight seasons of Lapland through different series. "We want to show the beauty of Nordics through every product - people to experience, feel and sense the soul of hálo". Depending of the time of the year the collection is inspired by the vividness of the northern lights, the delicateness of the midnight sun, various colors of the fall foliage and the dark shades of polar nights.

Collection offers timeless treasures, everyday silks, life-long investment pieces and exclusive collections. All items are produced from the high quality materials from Italian, French and German suppliers and produced in Estonia and Italy by carefully handpicked manufacturers. All prints are designed exclusively by hálo.

Already since the beginning hálo has been one of the most preferred labels among stylists, celebrities and artists and has been featured in many fashion publications including VOGUE Italia, Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, Marie Claire Korea, Harper's Bazaar China and ELLE Sweden.

"We value silence, pureness, high quality and true friendships. Welcome to the world of hálo".

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Quote from www.shophumanoid.com:

Strong-willed and with a clear sense of itself, HUMANOID has forged its own path. Unapologetic in our existence both HUMANOID and its community are cherished by true individuals. Being a part of HUMANOID means effortlessly following your own path.
Founded in 1981, HUMANOID is a heritage brand that has stayed true to its uncompromising and offbeat beginnings. Decades on, we remain true to our convictions; Independent and undistracted by passing hype. Maintaining our high standards through intuition and commitment, we delight in inspiring passion season after season.

At HUMANOID we believe luxury can be felt. Our creative process is tactile and intuitive. We want those who become part of our world to feel this attention and love; never restrained or underestimated. Inside our own in-house atelier, every choice we make in the creation of our products is a conscious one; respectful of origin, maker and wearer.

We also believe that you are self-confident rather than self-conscious, not defined by one thing. You are a combination of mind, body, soul and the people that form your inner circle. You are human.

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Behind Mónica Cordera are two sisters, Monica and Maria, who strive to dress our values. They believe that ethical fashion is to recognize that there are human beings behind the clothes we wear and that clothes cannot change the world, but the people who wear them can.The brand is committed to a sustainable business model with a 100% MADE IN SPAIN production since 2008. Therefore they exclusively work with small family factories with whom we have created a close, trusting and lasting relationship.Their collections are composed of timeless limited edition garments with minimalist designs that seek purity and simplicity.

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Organicbasics produce long-lasting, sustainable and beautiful basics in the softest materials. They invest in quality fabrics and workmanship but also design with simplicity and function in mind. Organicbasics only works with trusted, certified factory partners, who have the same sustainable vision as them - and follow it through by continuously reducing their environmental footprint.

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People’s republic of cashmere designs reflect a sense of relaxed elegance, focusing on comfort, high quality and strong colors. All garments are made from 100% fine quality cashmere. They do not follow trends or seasons but create quality garments that are relevant all year round and therefore represent an important element of “slow fashion,” with the ambition to decrease the use of resources. This way, they can prevent overproduction.

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Steamery Stockholm creates beautiful and easy-to-use tools for clothing care. They combine high technology with Scandinavian design. The result — clever tools that will make your clothes last longer. Most people today don't have the time or knowledge about how to care for their clothes in the right way. Garments that lose color or shape are most often not worn out - they are washed out. Clothes that are properly maintained will last. Their and our mission is to inspire everyone to take better care of their clothes.

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With the rise of cheaper, often of poor quality, mass produced products, the need to care for your belongings has slowly disappeared, because why invest in something that will be replaced soon.  Tangent Garment Care brings back the caring, with their assortment of shoe and clothing care products. From shoe brushes to high-quality polish, detergents and fabric softeners.With TGC investing in your shoes and clothing collection  will become well worth it.

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Underprotection loves women of all kinds, all sizes, and their goal is to make them feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible. They use sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, Tencel lyocell and organic cotton. Most of their products are vegan approved, and if not, it is because it is recycled (wool) or a waste resource (milk).  Fair working conditions and a fair wage is a human right. Therefore, they only work with certified factories.

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